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Oilfield Portable Bridges

  • Bridges in stock from 20′ to 100′
  • Bridges that are easily skidable and are very durable
  • One-piece bridges, with no assembly required
  • Easy installation allows for fast access into sites

Bridge Specifications and Dimensions

  • 14′ 6″ from outside to outside of guardrail
  • 14′ running surface
  • Rough lumber deck with running deck to prevent damage to surface decking
  • 6-12” splashguards
  • 4” steel guardrails
  • 45 degree skid angle on bottom flange
  • XS pull pipe for dragging if needed
  • Design – CAN/CSA S6 certified and modified for industrial applications
  • Loading – BCFS L-100 (90,680 kg G.V.W) This can be modified for different truck axle configurations)
  • Welding conforms to CSA W59 specifications