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Designed to assist with bridge installations to provide access to the opposite river/creek bank our Enviro Bridge fleet includes 30’ & 40’ structures with either a steel top or wood running deck.

Enviro bridges low profile height of 12 inches makes them very accessible and their light weight design allows them to be easily moved around on a location. This 50-ton rated bridge has a 6 inch guard running along the base of the hand rail to prevent debree from falling into the stream. These bridges have been quite popular with pipeline construction companies.

All-Steel Low Profile

  • Bridges available and in stock range from 20′ to 60′
  • We have winch operated and skidable bridges, which are very durable
  • Two-piece, low profile bridge is split down the centre line
  • Easy assembly
  • No piloting is required for hauling
  • The low profile, two- piece bridge allows for easy installation and very little earth or snow movement is required for installation and ramping
  • Bridge is ideal for sensitive and challenging sites where creek banks and ground disturbance are key issues

Bridge Specifications and Dimensions

  • 14′ 6″ from outside of guardrail to outside of guardrail
  • 14′ running surface
  • 100% steel deck with protective surface
  • 1′ steel guardrail
  • 6″ steel splash guard
  • Bridge is split down the centre line, with a bolt together type of assembly
  • Bridge is recommended for use with tracked equipment or highway operated vehicles